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Zetti Bird Junction

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After the last zetti kit...my mind was full of inspiration to do another one! So here it is! Zetti Bird Junction This kit includes: 12 Papers 10 Zetti Birds 14 Zetti Doodles 5 Zetti Bird Houses 1 Zetti Village 7 Zetti Trees 5 Zetti Hearts 1 Shrub Trio 1 Grassy Spot 1 Zetti Flower 1 Zetti Crown 1 Paper Cloud 1 Paper Mountain 1 Picket Fence 1 Funky Zetti Cake 1 Zetti Pointy Hat 1 For Rent Sign 1 Welcome To Zetti Bird Junction Sign 1 Mushroom 1 Paper Talk Bubble 1 Bird Bath 2 Quotations WORD ART: "BIRDS" "TWEET" "HOME" "NEST" "WINGS" "SOAR" "FLY" and 5 - Printable Collage Sheets In JPG format *Ok for Limited Commerical Use - please see my terms of use- found here: New TOU from Crowabout StudioB
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