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Warrior by Fiddlette Designs

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Warrior by Fiddlette Designs

A true warrior has an inner champion that rises above and tackles anything that life throws in her way. She puts herself In line for what she believes in. She never gives up no matter how tough the battle, enduring, surviving even thriving whilst overcoming all adversities facing her. This is what my kit is about. I know I'm not the only warrior... I'd venture to say you are too! Tell your story with this unique kit featuring fall colors and the theme of conquering your battles...whatever they may be.

This kit containts 10 artistically designed backgrounds and 70 elements including:

4 pngs of hand drawn and illustrated arts dolls. including the original drawings as well for those who enjoy coloring by hand or digitally to customize your art in your own way.

4 hand drawn arrow elements, tribal and boho styled, one colorized, a 12 x 12 patterned overlay of the arrow pattern, and the original drawing

2 elements of hand drawn and incrediby detailed tribal styled butterfies, both colorized and the original drawing

2 elements of hand drawn detailed tribal styled boho wings in the original drawing and colorized versions

2 elements of hand drawn detailed clouds in a boho tribal style, differing colors to play with

4 elements of hand drawn detailed fantasy flowers in tribal style

1 hand drawn tribal styled mandala colorized in kit colors

1 rainbow in kit colors


hand drawn tribal dangles

tribal sun

2 elements of hand drawn dreamcatchers both colorized and original drawing

hand drawn bird feather

hand drawn rustic styled feathers beads with arrow element

2 filmstrip frames with wings, one no shadows, one only the wings are shadowed

2 elements of hand drawn floral spray one colorized plus the original drawing

3 versions of hand drawn steer head one colorized, one colorized and given a floral wreath, one the original steer head drawing for you to customize as you see fit

4 boho tribal hand drawn unique frames, one rectangle, one circular in both colorized and original drawings versions

14 word arts, mostly hand lettered, including words, phrases, quotes...in kit theme

2 element versions of hand drawn tribal boho styled mandala (different than the first mandala listed) with free spirit written in center

3 elements hand drawn swirls

2 elements of label, one colorized, one antiqued, one blank one with wild and free lettering

2 hand drawn and colorized unique flower doodles to use as you would like, and also to be combined with swirls to create an abstract garden

hills element for scene building

leather tabbed book frame

2 versions of boho tribal style border both colorized and original hand drawing

numbers in kit colors and inside targetsĀ 

paint cap bottle stamps in kit colors

vintage crinkled stamp frame

label stickers

2 hand doodled and colorized leaves