What's New The Light Gatherer - Element Pack plus Printables

The Light Gatherer - Element Pack plus Printables

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The Light Gatherer....Light gathering is something that I have been concentrating on for myself. Keeping on the positive side of things and searching for the light in everything. Like when things seem a little dark you can always find light! Light is everywhere...you just have to find it and embraced and hold on to it! Included in the element pack is a "MASK TEMPLATE" where you can overlay papers then create clipping mask...then you can either decorate digitally or print out to make your own mask. Not that we need to hide behind masks but created for that very reason, that sometimes no matter how we create masks for ourselves to where to get through things....and sometimes we create them to hide behind. But the good thing about these masks are that we can create them and take them off as to free ourselves. *smiles* This pack contains: 7 - Faces 7- Wigs/Hair 1- Floor 1- Pair of Boots 7- Crowns 6- Pointy Hats 1- Flower 2- Gems 2- Hearts 2- Sets of Puffy Sleeves 2- Pairs of Arms/Hands 1- Pair of Legs 6 - Dresses/Gowns 1- Dress Skirt 1- Dress Top 6- Borders 5- Masks 1- MASK TEMPLATE Word Bits: AND BE BETWEEN DARKEST DARKNESS DO FAIRYTALE FIND FOUND HER IN LIGHT MOMENTS OWN OUR SHE THE WE And 6- 8-1/2 x 11 Printable JPG Collage Sheets Enjoy!!