What's New Stumbling Upon Autumn Element Pack :: CryztalRain

Stumbling Upon Autumn Element Pack :: CryztalRain

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A huge element pack [packed to the rafters] 103 png elements full of rich organic textures and mostly muted colours, useful for all sorts of creative artworks..
I have included a small colour scheme of the colours I tried to stick as close as possible to..There are paint textures and papery ones too as well as fabric textures..A melting pot of realtime elements and arty ones..

Everything is created in 300dpi.. Shadows for preview purposes only
Previews are best viewed full size [750x750] through detailed images section where there are also screenshots. Any layouts/art displayed may contain images not in the kit/pack.

3 x Newspaper Accents
1 x Raindrop sheet
1 x Painted Circle
1 x Tapestry Circle
1 x Fabric Accent
1 x Single Apple
1 x Double Apples
1 x Pear top on apple lower
1 x Black Bear
3 x Sets Berries
1 x Masked Crow
1 x Pheasant
1 x Crow
1 x Owl
1 x Eagle
1 x Bird House
1 x Bird Nest
1 x Flock of Birds
3 x Borders lines
1 x Roped Bow
1 x Raffia Bow
1 x Berry Branch
1 x Leafy Branch
2 x Textured branches [mixed fabrics]
1 x Large bunting paint textured
1 x Small bunting fabrics
2 x Bunting strings
2 x Butterflies
4 x Mixed Buttons
1 x Sheet of cardboard
1 x Puppy wearing scarf
2 x Pieces of raw crystal
1 x Cardboard Deer
2 x Flowers
3 x Frames
1 x Cute ghost
1 x Girl
1 x Halloween Mask
1 x Halloween Pumpkin
1 x Halloween Skull
1 x Horseshoe
1 x Vintage key
1 x Painted leaf
1 x Leaf Skeleton
1 x Dead Leaf
1 x Newspaper Leaf
4 x Autumn leaves
4 x Textured layered leaves
1 x Leaf swirl
3 x Metal Studs
2 x Mushrooms
4 x Pinecones
1 x Pumpkin
1 x Rake
1 x Rope
1 x Rusty Wire
1 x Seedpod
3 x Squirrels
4 x Stitch rows
1 x Satin string
2 x Semi Transparent Tape
2 x Trees
1 x Waterdrop
1 x Wreath Frame
4 x Background treeline

** My designs, unless marked as CU are for personal use only. They may NOT be used in scrap kits, collage sheets, art, etc to be sold in any form, Nor in blog freebies, If you have a question, please contact me first. Thank you**
Enjoy !!