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SteamPunked Mega Kit :: CryztalRain

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SteamPunked:: This mega huge kit is a journey into the past... SteamPunk is an inspired movement of creativity and imagination. The steampunk aesthetic is inspired by the fashions of Victorian Era in England (1837-1901), but also by the Belle Epoque in France (1871-1914) and the Civil War era in the United States (1861-1865).  Steampunk is truly one-of-a-kind, and incorporates some of my most favourite colours. [Favorite colors] sp? lol
The papers are all 3600x3600 pixels or 12x12 inch lightly textured, and there are 16 of them. The png Elements are good sized and there are 140 of them plus a bonus  bullet riddled paper..
There are 12 brushes in  both ABR format and png format. There are 2 ABR's. The 2020 one is for Photoshop versions that can use brushes over 2500px and the CS one for Photoshop versions using brushes to a maximum of 2500px.

Everything has been created in 300dpi for optimum quality..  No matter what type of Art, Scrapbooking, Journalling, craft projects or blogging you're doing..It will be a great add for your collection/stash.
Not everything is shown on the main elements preview  and shadows are for preview purposes only..
Now lets get down to a list of the kit elements, also please check out all the detailed images.. as well as previews there is also screenshots so you can see exactly what you're getting..  Any layouts/art displayed may contain digital images NOT contained in the kit/pack.

** My ignorance of anything mechanical is showing as I named a bunch of png files 'Thingy' as I had NO idea what they actually were.    :-l  Thank goodness for screenshots !


1  x Belt
2  x Bolts
1  x Bonus Paper
1  x Bugle
1  x Bullet
2  x Bullet Holes
6  x Metal Buttons
1  x Camera
1  x Chain and Lock
3  x Clocks
1  x Clock Face [no hands]
1  x Compass and Chain
6  x Metal Corner Pieces
1  x Metal Cow
2  x Metal Eyes
2  x Decorated Metal Frames
1  x Alarm Clock Frame
3  x Plain Metal Frames
9  x Gears
1  x Guitar
1  x Gun
2  x Hats
1  x Ornate Metal Heart
1  x Hook
5  x Rusty Horseshoes
1  x Knotted Key
1  x Small Key
3  x Versions of a Metal Butterfly [Copper, Gold and Silver]
4  x Metal Plates
4  x Metal Rings
7  x Metal Tiles with Letters or Numbers on them
1  x Motor Bike
6  x Nail Heads
1  x Metal Number 4
1  x Octopus
1  x Metal Owl
1  x Padlock
1  x Penny Farthing Bicycle
1  x Set of Pipes
1  x Pocket Watch
1  x Steam Train Postage Stamp
2  x Pulleys
1  x Scissors
2  x Screws
1  x Metal Sign Post
1  x Spring
1  x Telephone
24 x Thingies     :/
1  x Toggle Switch
1  x Torn Cardboard
1  x Torn Newspaper
1  x Torn Brown Paper
5  x Transfers
1  x Winged Balloon
1  x Winged Corset
1  x Winged Key
3  x Word Arts
3  x Versions of another Word Art [Black, Gold and Silver]

My designs are for personal use or for one of a kind, hand-made physical art for sale only.. They may not be used in scrap kits, collage sheets, or physical art made in quantities of more than 1, or any other form to be sold..
If you have a question, please contact me first.. You can find my complete Terms of Use in the Terms of Use section on the left sidebar..

Thank You !!