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Spookalicious Mini Kit

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Fall is finally here and all that goes with the season! This is the time of year where I find myself painting and in this kit you will find a bit of vintage plus some imagery from paintings I have done. This mini kit contains: 1- 12x12 Background Paper (JPG) 7-Houses Candy Corn Glowing Star Glowing Star Scatter A Full Moon with a face Pumpkin (vintage) Pumpkins (painted) Bat (vintage) Cat (vintage) Cat Costume (vintage) Cat Mask (vintage) Ghosty (painted) Girl to dress up in costume (vintage) Boy in costume (painted) Girl in costume (painted) Owl Witch Costume (vintage) Witch Hat (vintage) Paper Tree Word Art: "Happy' "Halloween" "Haunted" "Spookalicious" "Spooky" and 4- 8.5x11 Printable JPG Collage Sheets *Ok for Limited Commerical Use - please see my terms of use- found here: New TOU from Crowabout StudioB
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