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Songbirdy - Summer

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Ahhh SUMMER! Hot days, warm nights - what better place to spend it at than the beach!! A fun kit for your playing pleasure!

This kit contains 59 Elements and 9 12x12 Papers:
6 Female Characters
4 Male Characters
1 Anchor
1 Balloon
1 Barrel
1 Beach Ball
3 Birds
1 Boat
1 Deck Chair
1 Diving Helmet
1 Dolphin
1 Door
1 Fan
2 Fish
2 Sun Glasses
1 Hut
1 Ice Cream Cone
1 Life Belt
1 Life Guard Hut
2 Motel Signs
1 Number Sign
1 Octopus
1 Paddling Pool
1 Sand Pail
2 Shells
2 Parasols
3 Plants
1 Propeller
5 Signs
1 Pebble Element
3 Sand Elements
2 Water Elements
3 Wave Elements

PLEASE BE SURE TO LOOK AT THE ELEMENT PREVIEWS (not samples) to see what is in this kit. Samples may include elements from 'Summer - Characters'

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