What's New Songbirdy - Monthly Mischief: Burlesque

Songbirdy - Monthly Mischief: Burlesque

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Welcome to this month's 'Monthly Mischief' A collection of kits and packs all designed to work together at a bargain price! For your playing pleasure this month I present to you 'Burlesque', where tassel twirling is an art form and you can NEVER have too many feathers or sparkly bits! "I wasn't naked, I was completely covered by a blue spotlight." Gypsy Rose Lee

'Burlesque' kit contains:

3 Women Characters
1 Canopy
1 Chair
1 Chaise Lounge Chair
1 Chandelier
2 Drapes
1 Dressing Table
1 Elephant
2 Fans
3 Flowers
1 Gramophone
2 Headdresses
1 Pair of Legs
2 Stage Lights
1 Mask
1 Mirror
1 Ostrich
1 Pearl Ball
1 Pianist
1 Sconce
1 Dressing Screen
2 Shells
1 Stage Door
1 Stage Door Sign
1 Stool
1 Theater Box
1 Theater Sign
1 Trunk
1 Wing
5 Word Arts

300 dpi .png elements and 300 dpi .jpg papers
**Please see full list of items included as sample pages may contain items from other collections**

*My designs are for personal use or for one of a kind, hand-made physical art for sale only. They may not be used in scrap kits, collage sheets, or physical art made in quantities of more than 1, or any other form to be sold. If you have a question, please contact me first. You can find my complete Terms of Use in the Terms of Use section on the left sidebar. Thank you!!*