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Songbirdy - Attitude

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"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." - Winston Churchill or as Frank Sinatra once put it "Cock your hat - angles are attitude!"

This kit is ALL about that! You want attitude, these women have got it and then some! As usual it was impossible for me to fit everything into the preview so please have a look at the amazing samples my creative team made. Oh yes we CLEARLY have a lot of attitude going on here!

This kit includes 16 Papers and 93 elements:

8 Women Characters
10 Splatters
13 Snippets
1 Attitude Logo
1 Bell Pull
2 Birds
1 Books
1 Boots
1 Cabinet
1 Chair
1 Cheroot Box
2 Cherries
1 Clock
1 Crown
1 Dice
1 Dog
1 Door
1 Door Bell
1 Doorway
5 Drapes
1 Eel
1 Fan
3 Feathers
2 Flamingo Heads
4 Flowers
4 Hats
1 Horns
1 Key
1 Knife
1 Lampshade
1 Letter F
1 4711 Logo
1 Mask
1 Jewel Piece
1 Number 19
1 Piano
1 Playing Cards
1 Scissors
1 Screen
1 Private Sign
1 Sofa
2 Spectacles
1 Stamp
1 Sun Dial
1 Tiara
2 Umbrellas
1 Walking Cane
1 Watch

300 dpi .png elements and 300 dpi .jpg papers ***My designs are for personal use or for one of a kind, hand-made physical art for sale only. They may not be used in scrap kits, collage sheets, or physical art made in quantities of more than 1, or any other form to be sold. If you have a question, please contact me first. You can find my complete Terms of Use in the Terms of Use section on the left sidebar. Thank you!!******

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