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Song & Dance Routine OOAK Paper Mache Stage Wall Hanging by Nancy Baumiller

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Sold By: Nancy Baumiller

A little theatre action here! This fun assemblage, paper mache wall hanging was a blast to create! When creating my art pieces, I like to tell a little story to myself as I go! I think it just helps put your heart and soul into creating a OOAK piece! On the reverse side of this piece, you get to view and read the story for yourself! It goes a little something like this: "Song & Dance" (some truth to it, the rest I am just pulling your leg *wink*) "One day as she was walking down the street, she came about a theatre that looked to be temporarily (I spotted a spell check, it has been fixed haha) closed, so she thought. A memory came to her, about the days she used to roller skate and had a 'dance on skate, while singing routine, she had always wanted to attempt. A few days later, as she was cleaning out her closet. Her old pair of roller skates tumbled out in front of her. Again she thought about that theatre and decided to sneak in and try her routine on for size. The very next day, she pulled on her favorite dress and tossed her skates over her shoulder and headed for the theatre. When she arrived at the theatre, she expected the place to be locked. There she stood at the back entrance in the alley way, she found herself staring at the entrance door. Then as she reached for the door knob, it clicked open, as if the theatre was waiting for her. She mustered up all the faith in herself that she could and proceeded to go through the doorway, and made her way to the stage, where she put on her skates and laced them up. There she stood center stage and began to sing and dance on her skates. She was having the time of her life. When it was over she stopped and out of no where, an audience had gathered and gave her a standing ovation. She did not know what else to do but bow and curtsy and exit the stage. She made her way back to the back door entrance out to the alley and the door shut by itself and she leaned against the door clutching her skates, she smiled to herself. ( I really need to get better at writing *wink*) Size: 8.5" x 9" x 4.5" In creating this piece, I used a few upcycled materials as well as new to create the stage itself! The stage was hand painted top to bottom in acrylic paints. I added some wood turnings to the top of the stage columns, which were then painted in gold and beautiful gems adorn the tippy tops of them to imitate lights, more of these gems are lining the edge (top) of stage and also inside the top of stage. Some vintage embroidered ribbon and trim were added around the whole front of stage! So pretty! Two vintage stiffened bows were added to each of the top corners of the stage as well as some red faux ribbon added as stage curtains! For the backdrop image, I used Crowabout StudioB and Tumble Fish Studio images from MischiefCircus! The girl, sign, floor, banner(top) are also from Tumble Fish Studio at MischiefCircus! The angel bits (top) and floral bits (bottom) were some vintage scrap that I have had and thought they would be perfect for the stage accents. Signed and dated on the back by yours truly! Sealed to protect! Item is not a toy and not meant for small children, as small parts could cause choking hazard. In purchasing this item, customer will receive a tracking number, in 1-3 business days from purchase date with confirmation of your item(s) have shipped. Shipping is free to customers within the U.S. only at this time. Item is lovingly packaged and shipped from my home, to yours using 2 day Priority Mail within the U.S. Please note, that the seller is not responsible for lost or stolen packages once the tracking# shows confirmation of delivery. Please also check your profile, that your shipping address is up to date. Custom orders are always welcome! You may email me at: nancybaumiller@gmail.com with your inquiry!