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~ My Peculiarities [CYOC] kit comes with 18 papers and 90 Elements all ready for your pages, artwork, photo manips, invitations, or blogging.. What a crazy fun time. There are various people, half people, heads, and so on.. you can mix and match or add your own body parts to one of mine.. LOL that sounds a bit wrong.. but peculiar and wrong and/or right go hand in hand.. have a bunch of fun mixing and matching plus using the word art and embellishments to jazz it up at bit more.. Most of the elements are really large, just a few smaller ones in embellishments
~ Blending things together can add to your own special 'look' whether its papers or word art.. add a few brushes and it very personalized.. i hope you enjoy my kit and have a load of fun with it..
~Its A great add for your art collection or stash and would go well with my other people packs and of course the other CYOC Packs too.. 
Everything has been created in 300dpi.. Shadows are for preview purposes only..Files types are: PNG and JPEG

The elements in this kit are as follows :[Not everything is shown on the preview]
And lol you really need to see the screen shots :)

1  x Alien proofed woman [wrapped in foil]
2  x Baroque [Doodled]
1  x Big headed woman
1  x Headless Beefy Body
1  x Headless Fashion statement body
2  x Headless Foxy Lady body
1  x Headless Hoodie body
1  x Body-less Legs in Jeans
1  x Headless Lady in Red body
1  x Headless Man in suit body
1  x Body-less Tutu Legs
1  x Headless Woman in striped top body
1  x Bubble wrap
2  x Cat woman
1  x Centaur horse head man
1  x Creepy thing
3  x Dog Boys
11 x Embellishments
1  x Fashionista Dog
1  x Flower child
1  x Foil flower
1  x Foil splat
2  x Transparent doodled frames
1  x Gone fishing woman
1  x Green bow guy
1  x Guitar Granny
1  x Alien head
1  x Drag Queen head
1  x Artist drawn girls head
1  x Mr Cabbage head
2  x Painted lady head
1  x Pegged head
1  x Plastered head
1  x Snail head
1  x Soapy head
1  x Watermelon head
2  x Woman heads
1  x Sitting legs
1  x Man-child on bike
1  x Monkey girl
1  x Ms Pumpkin
1  x News hound
1  x Army man
1  x Pilot
1  x Rabbit Girl
1  x Screwed up woman
1  x Scuba Guy
1  x Shoes???
1  x Sign Post
1  x Smoking dog illustration
1  x Snail
1  x Star
3  x Wings
1  x Zebephant
12 x Word arts

Any layouts/art displayed may contain digital images NOT contained in the kit/pack.

My designs are for personal use or for one of a kind, hand-made physical art for sale only.. They may not be used in scrap kits, collage sheets, or physical art made in quantities of more than 1, or any other form to be sold.. If you have a question, please contact me first.. You can find my complete Terms of Use in the Terms of Use section on the left sidebar..
Thank You! ~