What's New Modern Muse by Holliewood Studios

Modern Muse by Holliewood Studios

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This kit was inspired by an idea for a piece of art I had. It sort morphed into its own thing.

This kit includes:
11 papers
1 arch - 2 ways
44 balls
2 circles
3 clouds
2 cones
22 crystals
1 dome
3 elements
7 fabric
1 flower
 9 hand
1 hexagon
2 leaves
10 paint
3 platforms
1 polyhedron
1 rod
1 sand
2 triangle
1 water

300 dpi .jpg backgrounds/papers and 300 dpi .png elements

Please refer to the above list and kit screenshots as to what is included in the kit. My creative team may occasionally use an element or two from another kit to complete their artistic vision.