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Mister Whiskers's Schooled

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Back to school, with Mister Whiskers! Part of the 'Schooled' CYOC collab. by designers at Mischief Circus. 78 elements in PNG:- Desk lamp x 2.
Old school vintage radiator x 2.
Old school bell x 2.
Wooden alligator seat.
Wooden elephant seat x 2.
Slot-together wooden dinosaur x 2.
Princess playhouse.
3D-printed model airplane.
Child's classroom piano.
Cupcake seats.
Playground equipment x 3.
Paper windmill.
Basket ball. Pencil sharpener x 2.
Vintage yellow pencil x 2.
Paper clips x 2.
Pencils in card case x 2.
Pencils in plastic case.
Crayons in case x 3.
Safe scissors x 2.
Fountain pen.
Pink eraser x 2.
Homework in-tray.
Jelly pens.
Worm pen (add your own nibs). Vintage schoolhouse desk x 2.
Plastic infants classroom table and chairs.
Lecture lectern.
Wooden baby seat.
School book trolley (paste in your own book covers).
School book house.
Canes in stand.
'Naughty seat' x 2. Abacus (brass). <
Abacus (coloured).
Art station x 2.
Whiteboard x 2.
Whiteboard in wood x 2. Height wall measuring-line.
Classroom clock.
Calculator x 2.
Tablet x 2.
Cyber-tablet. School briefcase style bag x 2.
Luxury 'Superfab' school bag x 3.
Padlock for bag. School science lab: test tubes.
School science lab: science experiment.
School science lab: lab bench.
School science lab: 'homework enhancer' portable brain helmet.
School science lab: 'Intelligence infuser' device x 2. You may also enjoy using this scrap kit with my Chalkboard; School Express; and Wooden Toys scrap kits.
As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.