What's New Metal Madness by Holliewood Studios

Metal Madness by Holliewood Studios

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Metal Madness is a stash builder kit. It's loaded with metal elements that are perfect for when you are "franken-scrapping" or building your own elements. Ever create a floral headdress but wish you had that perfect transitional piece to finish it off? Well, this kit has them. Need to connect two elements but wish you had something to finish off the connection? This kit has them. There are all kinds of really cool bits and pieces that can be used in a thousand different ways.

This kit includes:
5 papers
29 accent pieces
6 beads
1 bee
1 bowl
3 bwl bits
1 bug
1 cage
2 chains
1 collar
1 crown
4 curls
1 face
1 feather
3 flowers
1 frame
1 gun
1 hand
2 horse
11 jewelry pieces
2 keys
1 keyhole
1 key ring
1 knight
6 leaves
1 lion
1 man
1 medal
1 set pen nibs
1 pot
1 rickshaw
2 spikes
1 star
2 sticks
2 pairs of wings

Samples layouts in the additional previews may contain additional elements NOT in this kit.

300 dpi .jpg backgrounds/papers and 300 dpi .png elements