What's New Mermaid Tales by Fiddlette Designs

Mermaid Tales by Fiddlette Designs

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Mermaid Tales

Mermaid Tales is a fun original and kit for sea lovers. Lots of original art drawings and word art for you to customize or fully colorized and textured for you.

10 Backgrounds, 60 Elements including:

3 original hand drawn mermaids in 2 forms each, both their drawn form and colorized versions, you choose and customize in any way you wish.

11 Original word arts

Full Mixed Media Style Alpha

2 unique one of a kind altered style glittery fish

Hand drawn and colorized octopus

Jellyfish in both the original line Hand drawn and colorized versions

Ascending Bubbles Element

Glitter Splats                                 

Ocean Waves Element, original hand drawn and colorized

Mother of Pearl Frame

Doodled Shell frame, original hand drawn and colorized

Zen Doodle Style swirly frame

Arrow swirl

Sea Swirls mixed media style

Large scalloped Sea swirl

Clouds in two styles, rain clouds, and peaceful clouds, original hand drawn and colorized

Hand painted and ink drawn seaweed in three colors

Various mollusks, shells, starfish, coral, sea plants etc all hand drawn original with both the colorized and some line drawing versions for you to customize as you wish

Hand drawn waves

Humpback Whale both the original hand drawn version and the colorized version.

Collection of Boulders and rocks for mermaids to sit upon

Sequin spray in various sea colors

Unique Hand drawn Seahorse both the original line drawing and colorized versions

Glitter Splash

Collaged Tag

Sea Treasure border with Chinese Coins and ribbon

Mermaid Tail descending into the waves, or to be used to customize your photos and turn anyone you want into a mermaid

Vintage Label

Ancient Style Banner

5x7 ribbon wrap with metal buckle

Antique styled shell frame

Ancient Book cover insert

Antique Treasure map

Beaded starfish

3 button and paper styled elements

Antique Naval diagram