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MakingWaves Mermaids #1 Blues :: CryztalRain

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This MakingWaves Mermaids#1 Bluez [and gold] kit comes with 9 papers and 101 Elements all ready for your pages, artwork, photo manips, invitations, or blogging.. and anything else crafty you can think up. I really love mermaids and sea creatures so I have another kit [Mermaids#2 Muse] for next week and one more on the go for later on again..
There are a bunch of line elements in gold, for instance there are 2 crabs in the kit but they are not the same crab, so unless i have mentioned something with 2 versions they are different.
Blending things together can add to your own special 'look' whether its papers or word art and elements.. then add a few brushes and it becomes very personalize.. I hope you enjoy my kit and have a load of fun with it..
Its a great add for your art collection/stash and would go well with my other beach packs.. Please check out all of them under the related products tab.
Everything has been created in 300dpi.. Shadows are for preview purposes only unless there are 2 versions.. Files types are: PNG and JPEG Most of the elements are really large and the papers of course are 12x12 [3600x3600].

The elements in this kit are as follows : [Not everything is shown on the preview]
You really need to see the screen shots :)

1  x Anchor
1  x Anchor in gold
1  x Anchor charm
1  x Bottle
3  x Bubbles
2  x Bubbles set [1 version in gold]
5  x Coral
2  x Coral in gold
1  x Corners set
1  x Crab
1  x Crab in gold
1  x Dolphin
5  x Embellishments
2  x Tiny fish
7  x Fish
1  x Fish in gold
1  x Gold Frame
2  x Weedy Frames [1 version with gold border]
1  x Jellyfish
1  x Jellyfish in gold
1  x Jellyfish set [1 in gold]
1  x Gold Jellyfish mermaid
1  x Lighthouse
4  x Mermaids
1  x Mermaid in gold
1  x Gold Mermaid and Seal
1  x Mermaid in a bottle
1  x Octopus
1  x Octopus in gold
2  x Sand dollars'
1  x School of fish
3  x Sea grass
5  x Sea grass in gold
2  x Seahorse
1  x Seahorse in gold
1  x Seal
2  x Starfish
2  x Starfish in gold
3  x Shells
2  x Shells in gold
1  x Gold ships wheel
1  x Shipwreck silhouette
1  x Squid
1  x Squid in gold
2  x Arrangement transfers
3  x Arrangement transfers [2 versions of each shadows on 1 of the versions]
1  x Gold turtle
1  x Turtle
1  x Water Horse [different to a seahorse]
3  x Whales
4  x Word Arts [2 of them have 2 versions]

Any layouts/art displayed may contain digital images NOT contained in the kit/pack.

** My designs are for personal use or for one of a kind, hand-made physical art for sale only.. They may not be used in scrap kits, collage sheets, or physical art made in quantities of more than 1, or any other form to be sold.. If you have a question, please contact me first.. You can find my complete Terms of Use in the Terms of Use section on the left sidebar..
~~ Thank You!~~ Please Enjoy