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Love On The Lam

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"Love On The Lam" is a fun and fiesty kit loosely based on the legend of Bonnie  & Clyde. This kit is full of nostalgia from bank robbery and bootlegging to being on the lam...we have you covered.

Please note: the samples used in this listing include images from Tumble Fish Studio's Love on the Lam kit along with images from the kit in this listing.
Please read the listing below and see included previews to see what you are getting in my kit.

This kit includes:
15 papers
6 accents
2 books
1 bottle
1 camera
2 cars
3 chairs
1 cigar
1 clock
1 dog
1 flask
3 frames
1 gas station pump
1 gold bar
1 gun
2 hats
1 hutch
2 lights
3 luggage
3 money
1 newspaper
2 paper bits
1 phone
1 purse
2 safes
1 sculpture
1 stove
2 tables
1 vase
1 wanted poster
2 whisky barrels
1 wordart

300 dpi .jpg backgrounds/papers and 300 dpi .png elements