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Love Isn't Love (Til' You Give It Away) by Fiddlette Designs

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"The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay. Love isn't love till you give it away" is a popular quote often attributed to Oscar Hammerstein, and is the inspiration for this new digital kit full of art with this theme of giving love away.

Just as the notes and lyrics that are scribbled on a sheet of paper, music is not music until it is sung or played. In the same way love kept to oneself is inert, inactive, ineffectual, unless it is given away. Then it becomes the power force in the human experience.

This kit contains 10 paper backgrounds and 65 elements including:

3 hand drawn and colorized art dolls with metaphoric significance. One is opening the door in her chest releasing hearts to the world, the second is hugging her heart close to herself, and the third is holding her heart by a ribbon string.

Patterned HandDoodledScallop Border

5 vintage buttons

Antique paper frame with gilding

Hand doodled 12x12 scalloped border

Paper decorator frame with doodles

Vintage label

Asian sprig of flowers colorized

5 + 1 hand drawn doodled flowers 3 with leaves and stems, two without and 1 hand drawn doodled leaf

Journaling glass or acrylic gold rimmed cloud with clear raindrops

Chinese lantern with flower and hummingbird

Mixed media style hand pieced and drawn hummingbird

Doodled journaling block for labeling or titles

3 hand doodled ornaments hanging from chains

3 borders, numbers, kit colors with acrylic paint cap circles, and hand doodled spirals in kit colors

Glitter Spray with spirals and glitter butterflies

Two hand doodled and colored stripey arrows in large and small, swirly and straight

Polymer clay heart with wax gilding and paper wings

Hand doodled and colorized butterfly

Vintage paper stacked frame with brooches beads and sequins for bling

Scalloped circle frame hand doodled

Two hand drawn and pieced together maniquins with vintage roses and hearts on their chests

Vintage book cover frame

7 word arts some hand lettered, colorized, hand doodled, various funky styles

Party hat with feather trim

Peace sign heart sun


Vintage skeleton key

5 hand doodled swirls in various shapes, stripes colors and papers with textures

Gold antique spray of metal stars

Hand doodled swirly heart

Think bubble journaling element with striped border and swirl accents

Stripey doodled frame

Paper doodle wings

Hand colored newsprint paper tree

Fancy doodled frame hand colored

Cloud with stripey border

Vintage old wooden shuttered window

Acrylic painted newspaper frame

Pretty mess of doodles for accenting with kit colors

Messy doodled roses spray

Fancy vintage brush styled frame in florals

Stitched swirl