What's New Finishing School 3 by Holliewood Studios

Finishing School 3 by Holliewood Studios

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Finishing School is a collection of 12"x12" .jpg images to help give your art a finished feeling.

These images will work best with software programs that have BLEND MODES. However, they make great backgrounds too.

Layer multiple images to give your art a unique and finished feel. Be sure to play with the opacity of these layers as well.

My favorite Photoshop blend modes for these are:

    Soft Light
    Screen - use this one on the dust and scratch images.

Included in this mega kit of 126 images are:

53 bokeh
4 bursts of light
2 film grain
1 glitch
32 light leaks
10 misc
6 shadows
8 textures
6 water drops
3 tears (.png)
1 film transfer (.png)

300 dpi .jpg backgrounds/papers unless otherwise noted