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Ducking Monday

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The Week preceding Easter is a period of great activity when women spring-clean their homes and bake traditional Easter pastries. In the villages, hardboiled eggs are dyed in various colors and hand-painted with intricate geometrical or stylized floral designs. This is a traditional folk art in Hungary and patterns vary from region to region. Sprinkling, the very popular custom of Easter in Hungary, is observed on Easter Monday, which is also known as 'Ducking Monday'. On the day, boys playfully sprinkle perfume or perfumed water on girls. Until some time back, young men used to pour buckets of water over young women's heads. In the present time, they spray perfume, cologne or just plain water, and then ask for a kiss and a red egg. This is a very interesting tradition of Easter in Hungary, followed since a long time.

There are 18+2 rich papers (12x12), 8 letter size ATC backs (8,5"x11,5") and more than 100 unique elements in the Ducking Morning kit including tons of bunnies, eggs, art dolls, word strips (in four color) and several colorful brushes. Must have for Eastertide!

All items created at 300dpi, drop shadows only on preview and the clusters are shadowed.

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