What's New Ankh [All about Egypt]

Ankh [All about Egypt]

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Ankh, a kit about Egypt with all the rich colours and textures of the Middle East..
There is 18 Papers in a mix of Scenic and sort of plain.. and 104 Elements
All created in 300dpi
Not all shown on preview... No shadows in kit.

This kit goes perfectly with my 'Ankh ATC Add-On' which is available HERE

Personal Use only please

18 x Papers [12x12]

11 x Accents
1 x Ankh
1 x Anubis
2 x Banknotes
2 x Bastet
1 x Bird
1 x Book
1 x Border
1 x Camel
1 x Canopic Coffinette
2 x Charms
2 x Cobra
1 x Coin
2 x Columns
2 x Eye of Horus
3 x Frames
1 x Genie Bottle
2 x Genie Lamps [1 with smoke]
1 x Grasses
3 x headgear
1 x Hippo
1 x Mummy
2 x Neferititi
4 x Papyrus
1 x Persian Rug
1 x Stone Pharaoh
2 x Pyramids
1 x Rah
1 x Reeds
2 x Relics
1 x Rock
1 x Scarab
2 x Scorpian
3 x Signs
1 x SnakeBracelet
2 x Sphynx Cats
2 x Stamp -Amon
2 x Stamp -Anubis
2 x Stamp -Cairo
2 x Stamp -Egypt
2 x Stamp -Hathor
2 x Stamp -Horus
2 x Stamp -Isis
2 x Stamp -Osiris
2 x Stamp -Ra
2 x Stamp -Seth
2 x Stamp -Sobek
2 x Stamp -Thot
4 x Stone Tablets
1 x Stone Block
5 x Stone Pillars
1 x Lion Temple Statue
1 x TutAnkhAmum
1 x Urn
LO's shown may contain personal images or items not included in the pack
Previews and layouts best viewed full sized

** My designs, unless marked as CU are for personal use only. They may NOT be used in scrap kits, collage sheets, art, etc to be sold in any form, Nor in blog freebies, If you have a question, please contact me first.. Thank you**