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Personal Use TOU: ================ These graphics have been made by Pink Lotty Designs. The items are designed for your personal use and may not be used in any commercial way. WHAT YOU MAY NOT DO: You may NOT offer them in any other graphics collection, on a website, or individually, either for sale or free, create a competing kit from them to sell or redistribute, and are NOT allowed to trade or share this kit. You may NOT add to or distort, alter or re-colour any graphic and claim them as your own. You may NOT make any graphics into tubes or brushes and redistribute them in any way. Do NOT use these images for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or for any other purpose that is prohibited by law. You may NOT use them in your own kits for sale or as a freebie. You may NOT make quickpages or templates from them to redistribute over the internet either for free or profit. You may NOT use any part of this kit in any online tutorials. Projects involving mass production (more than 10,000) are NOT allowed. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Feel free to alter these images to fit your scrapbooking needs, including resizing, recoloring and cropping as long as credit is given to the designer. If you use these graphics in a layout submitted to an online gallery, magazine or other publication you must give credit to Pink Lotty Designs. You can create custom scrapbooking pages or photo books for clients (scrap-for-hire projects),custom photographic items (greeting cards, fridge magnets, mugs, candy wrappers, etc.), and create decorative hand-crafted items for your own personal use or for selling as long as the items total less than 10,000 in one year. All scrapbooking pages for clients must be in a flattened format (do not give .psd files where they can extract the separate files). You may also use my graphics to create your personal webpages or banners for your own personal. If you use any of my graphics, please include the following either on the webpage,layout, or sales receipt :Digital graphics created by Pink Lotty Designs. Please write : pinklottydesigns@gmail.com Best regards :) Pink Lotty Designs Commercial Use TOU (this is only for items marked and sold as Commercial Use) ================= Comercial Use by PinkLotty Designs This license is not intended for large businesses or re-distributors. A commercial license does not give you the right to use these products in any way that you wish, please abide by all commercial licensing rules. Before you purchase a license please be sure to carefully read the terms that you will be agreeing to. Thank you! This product was created by PinkLotty Designs. The product is for Commercial Use, but the product itself can not be resold - only product created USING THIS PRODUCT can be sold commercially. Do not make kits or sets containing only items created using my items.You can do make template with this items.Feel free to modify images (size, color, etc.) as necessary.Don't make commercial use products with my kits. YOU MAY: -Use these products in your photography, scrapbooking and/or design business to the extent listed below: -Create custom greeting cards, candy wrappers, layouts, invitations and other printed materials for your customers provided that they are finished pieces. This means that you may sell items that are printed but you may not sell a download or cd of any kind. -You may use products incorporated into your designs to create scrapkits but may not be resold as a stand-alone product. You may not make brushes, rub-ons, or include in a kit for redistribution. -You may use the graphics in your web design projects providing that proper credit is given on the website.All website design must be for family friendly websites only. No indecent websites will be tolerated. We reserve the right to request this list at any time. YOU MAY NOT: -Claim these graphics as your own either in their original state, or in an altered state. -Offer downloads of the kits/graphics in any way shape or form. Distribute these graphics in any format except for the uses defined above. -Unless noted for commercial use, you may not make into an alpha product -Print or have printed any of the original graphics, papers or kit pieces to sell in stores on websites or on ebay. You cannot buy a kit and print pieces or papers from it and sell those in stores or online shops. All terms and conditions subject to change at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to check for updates and changes to the Terms of Use. Thank you!!