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Steampunk 3

Steampunk 3

Steampunk 3
Steampunk 3 promo index 1 index 2 index 3 index 4 index 5 6 index 7 CT Ms. Bailey, Secrets of the Heart CT Water Rabbit, Treasure Hunter CT Jo Ann, The Occupation CT Audrey, The Exploration CT Danesa, Attack of... CT Peppapig CT Ren, The Office
Steampunk 3: 80 new elements to accompany Mister Whisker's popular 'Steampunk' and 'Steampunk 2' kits.


80 elements, PNG format at 300dpi.

Airship Docking Station.
Aether Blunderbuss x 2.
Steampunk Assassin Arachnid.
Electrotelegraph Coding Dome.
Aether Collecting Device.
Rope Bridge.
Confabulator Boiler.
Clockwork Device.
Rusty Hook Spring.
Steam Organ.
Telegraph Sender.
Telegraph Receiver.
Steampunk Submarine x 5.

Ginger Beard.
Steampunk Cap.
Steampunk Long Coat.
Goggles x 3.
Flying Googles.
Fancy Hat x 2.
Hatter's Hat.
Money Bags.
Steampunk Spectacles x 3.

Victorian Aspidistra Table.
Travelling Case.
Tall Armchair.
Tall Case Clock.
Standing Vampire Casket.
Decorated Egg.
Steampunk Office scene element.
Queen Victoria's Diamond x 2.
Steampunk Heart.
Door Knocker.
Storm Lantern.
Fancy Lantern.
Box of Matches.
Moon Globe.
Letters Drawers.
Upright Piano.
Dressing Screen.
Sticks and Holder.
Tea Mug.
Tea Pot.
Tool Case.
Toy Carousel.

Steam Robot x 4.
Steam RoboVac.
Wells's Tripod.
Steampunk Vigilante.

Rooftop Silhouettes x 4.
Chimney Silhouettes x 2.

Old Wooden Bicycle.
Penny Farthing Bicycle.
Delivery Boy's Bicycle.
Station Clock x 2.
Bracketed Streetlamp.
Old Victorian Royal Mail Postbox.
Victorian Pram x 2.

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then for individuals, charities, and sole traders only. My full terms of use are available here.

You may also like my original Steampunk kit and my Steampunk 2 kit.

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