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Curious Greenhouse : a garden adventure!

Curious Greenhouse : a garden adventure!

Curious Greenhouse : a garden adventure!
Main promo image CT Water Rabbit - "Something is Amiss in My Garden" CT Danessa Greenhouse Rock, by CT Ren CT Dale Mandrake, by CT Dale CT Scrappie Irene CT Peppapig CT Danesa CT Murmure
What will you grow, in the curious greenhouse?


150 elements. 10 papers. All at 300DPI.

Greenhouse interiors, as 3600px elements x 10.

Toon gardener girl x 2.
Shiny blue bug (plain).
Shiny blue bug (with tiny gas-mask).
Green toon bug with gas-mask.
Three-headed carnivourous toon plant.
Earwig standing.
Green fly with gas-mask (defiant).
Green fly with gas-mask (triumphant).
Ladybug (ladybird).
Mandrake man x 3.
Green monster plant.
Old Roothead x 3.
Pot with grumpy face.
Toon fly agaric toadstool x 3.
Toon dumpy mushroom x 3.
Toon earthworm x 7.

Trays and earth boxes x 7.
Garden basket.
Wooden cage for monster plants.

Exotic, alien and "monster" plants x 25.

General greenhouse plants and flowers x 12.
Classical column with ivy.
Mushroom group.
Flower stalk.
Seed or bean.

Various plant pots x 20.

Butterfly feeding station x 2.
Wheelbarrow x 2.
Bug spray x 2.
Tropical chair x 2.
Tropical table.
Trestle table.
Hand Digger.
Hand Fork x 2.
Flame thrower (for monster plant control!).
Garden hose.
Greenhouse key.
Rake x 2.
Spade x 2.
Water pitcher.
Watering can x 4.

Background elements, "beyond the greenhouse" x 7.

Window glass - dirty patina element, PNG 3600px.

Window glass - dirty or condensation, JPG 3600px x 6.

Papers @ 3600px x 4 (2 as JPGs).

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.

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