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Midnight Reverie: a Midnight Masquerade

Midnight Reverie: a Midnight Masquerade

Midnight Reverie: a Midnight Masquerade
By CT Dale By CT Dale - Hatter from my Alice pack By CT Dale - figure from another kit By CT Danesa By CT JoAnn Mirror, by CT Ren By CT Ren By CT WaterRabbit By CT Danesa By CT Ms. Bailey By CT Audrey By CT Peppapig CT Scrapper Irene CT Snowdropz

Mister Whiskers's Midnight Masquerade, my homage kit for a well-known novel.

This is part of the wider 'Midnight Reverie' set of collaboration kits, made by Deviant Scrap designers. Simply pick-and-mix from these kits, to create your very own magical 'after-dark circus' kit!

50 elements + papers. All at 300DPI PNG.


Circus side tent.
Bird cage.
A classic cannon for a "Human cannonball" circus act.
Black cat (leaping through ring).
Black cat (landing after leaping).
Elegant costume chest.
Harlequin pattern b&w dress.
Black lace fan.
Feather brows x 2.
Flame holder (for circus act of leaping through flames).
Grey neck ruff (for performer or kittens).
"Penny farthing" vintage bicycle.
Glowing night clock.
Performer's hat x 2.
Performer's ring stand x 2.
Elephant for high wire.
Checkerboard short trousers (short pants).
Wagon cage x 2.
Wagon steampunk style tug.
Zebra (from a vintage lithograph).
Special chess match timing clock (i.e.: a dual clock).
A weighing clock.
Vintage clock dial.
Clock gears.
Small wooden drawers (has 16 small drawers).
Dream jars x 3.
Male hat.
Female hat.
Magic lantern.
Circus audience kid.
Red hair with short braid.
Harlequin mask with red tear.
Victorian style full-length mirror (semi-transparent, with verdigris).
Moondial x 2.
Moorish lantern on long chain.
Archway of thorns.
Detailed room background.
Pocket watch (add your own dial).
Umbrellas x 5.

4 x papers @ 3600px.

Plus two free 'surprise' bonus elements.

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As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.

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