Overlays & Photomasks Special Effects by Mister Whiskers

Special Effects by Mister Whiskers

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20 instant Hollywood-style special effects, with copy-and-paste PNG simplicity!

These unique elements have a combination of transparency and semi-transparency - for perfect blending with your pages. Created from scratch with the same tools as the Hollywood film professionals use, and carefully extracted and finished in Photoshop. Print resolution at 300DPI. Elements vary between 1800px and 3600px on the longest side. Please note: these are all easy-to-use PNG elements, and are NOT Photoshop brushes.


1 x Whirlwind
1 x Complex Branched Lightning Strike
1 x Wild Forest Mists
1 x Horrid Spore Floaties
1 x Rocket Jet
1 x Personal Rocket Backpack Blast-off FX!
1 x Bonfire Smoke
1 x Bonfire Flames
1 x Low Rolling Mists
1 x Realistic Rain (wide 3600px)
1 x Rocket Launch Smoke Trail
1 x Big Gushing Waterfall (side view)
1 x Big Gushing Waterfall (view from below)
1 x Boat Wake
1 x Floating Soap Bubbles
1 x Glowing Mists
1 x Mild Mist Ball
1 x Circular Ripple in Puddle
1 x Snow Falling (wide 3600px)
1 x Watery Depths (faint light patterns as seen in deep clear water)
1 x 'Time Tunnel' Effect
1 x 'Magic Mirror' Effect

Preview 'desert with pyramids' paper also included, 3600px @ 300DPI.

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.