Mini Digital Kits Luck and Fortune

Luck and Fortune

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This mini-kit depicts items commonly associated with luck (both good and bad), good fortune, and also the childhood things on which we "make a wish". 33 Elements, all 300DPI PNG: * "Bad luck" black cat - stylized
* "Bad luck" black cat - realistic x 2
* "Bad luck" black cat - cute toon kitteh
* Card game table
* Dice "snake eyes" = a roll of two ones
* The Evil Eye
* Fly Agaric toadstool
* Stepladder (don't go under it!)
* Broken mirror
* Salt shaker
* Umbrella (open indoors) * Crystal ball * Old broom (jump it and have a good marriage) * Full dandelion head (make a wish)
* Jar of fireflies (make a wish)
* Shiny red balloon (let it go, make a wish)
* Milk tooth to be left under a pillow for the tooth fairy
* White rabbit (make a wish) * Four leafed clover
* Horseshoe
* Ladybug / ladybird x 2
* Rabbit's foot * Lucky acorn
* Frog (kiss and get.. a prince?)
* Toad (kiss and get.. a prince?)
* Grandpa's lucky pipe
* Dad's lucky old boot
* Lifebelt
* Lucky coin
* Lucky pebble There are no papers with this kit. (NOTE to cat-lovers: I adore cats - and don't consider the sight of a black cat crossing my path to be "bad luck"! Everyone please consider adopting a black cat today!) As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.