Steampunk 6

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Steampunk! Volume 6.

85 all-new high-quality steampunk elements in PNG! And all are unlike the elements in my previous steampunk kits!


Steampunk helmet.
SteampunkGoggles x 2.
Steampunk cell phone.
Steampunk Dragonfly.
Steampunk lab equipment x 3.
Crystal Radio Set.
Steampunk Banjo.
Vintage Camera.

Monocycle x 4.
Kite Flyer x 2.
Flying Doozy x 2.
Steampunk Flying Seat x 2.
Rocket Bike.
Steam Van.
Steam Tank.
Steampunk Moon Lander.
Old Steam Engine.
Early Motor Car.

Steam Dog statue.
Steam Robot x 3.

Steampunk Monument.
Steampunk Statue (Greek style).
Garden Seat.
Steampunk Pavilion x 2.

British Mail box.
Steampunk Music Amplifier (stacks).
Iron tower structure.
Solarpunk Sun Collector.
Searchlight x 2.
Derby Car.
Edison Lamps.
Domestic Lamps x 8.
Porthole style steampunk window (with semi-transparency).
Victorian style bathtub x 2.
Chess set x 2.
Victorian lounger couch.
Travel chests.
Vintage wooden desk.
Chair of Wisdom.
The Magnificent Grampaphone x 2.
Victorian Washroom.
Victorian Ornate Table.

Cash Register x 3.
Measuring Instruments x 3.
Fortune-telling Machine.

Three backdrop papers at 3,600px, in 100% JPG.

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As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.