Steampunk 5

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Steampunk 5, the fifth in the popular series of digital scrap kits by Mister Whiskers. 100 PNG elements and six JPG papers. 100 all-new items, which are unlike those in my previous steampunk kits! CONTENTS: Invading Martian War-machine x 2
Old-style London tram.
Steam tractor.
Inshore working steam boat.
Personal early car x 2.
Steampunk battle waggon.
Western-style medicine-man waggon.
Advanced steam-car x 3.
Cycle-wheel explorers.
'Mole man' digging machine. Telescope x 2.
Union Jack in breeze.
Flying suit.
'Air-kraken blaster' gun.
Gunk gun x 2.
Steampunk revolver. Steam-camera x 2.
Water tank.
Mysterious pyramid x 2.
Victorian robot.
Brain-power cap x 3.
Steampunk glasses.
Steampunk guitar.
Encryption device.
Vial of air-kraken's blood. Abacus. Steam-boy robot x 3.
Mannikin head with goggles.
Classic toy robots x 4.
Baby-bot explorer x 2. Steam-powered greyhound dog.
Air kraken.
Steamfish x 2.
Owl in top hat x 2. Steampunk submarine x 5.
Flying house x 2.
Air bicycle.
Wright Bros. airplane.
Plump steam blimp.
Classic airship balloon (add your own passenger vehicle) x 2.
Early flying machine x 2.
Early personal airship x 2. Churchill-style cigar.
Cigar in ash-tray.
Cluttered adventurer's desk with globe.
Edwardian-style hairstyle.
Fortune-tellers' table and crystal ball.
Mad genius's pipe-organ x 2.
Mad genius equipment x 2 (with and without base shadow).
Classic awards board.
Cosmic radio.
Cosmic radio (interface only, lay over your own surface).
Steampunk desk with computer and clutter.
Street lamp.
Rocking chair.
Four mirrors (with transparency).
Pipe chairs x 2.
Old-style bulbs x 2.
Union Jack stool x 2.
Ornate cabinet for curios.
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