Steampunk 4

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Steampunk 4, the fourth in a series of kits by Mister Whiskers. A huge kit with 120 elements, plus 6 papers! Contains all-new items, different from those contained in my previous steampunk kits! CONTENTS: Travelling Steam House (close-up).
Travelling Steam House x 4.
Travelling Steam Dodo x 3.
Single-wheel cycle x 2.
Travelling Steam Snail x 3.
Steam car x 3.
Steam motorcycle x 2.
Victorian Wheelchair x 2.
Victorian Pram.
Victorian Tricycle.
Victorian Doctor's Buggy x 2. Airships x 6.
Steampunk UFO.
Steampunk Moon Lander.
Steampunk Glider.
Steampunk Balloon x 2.
Steampunk Helicopter.
Steampunk Time Machine.
Steampunk Egg x 2.
Steampunk High Flyer x 2.
Steampunk Santa Sled.
Steampunk Pottering Broom x 2.
Ark Zeppelin. Steampunk Robot Worker.
Steampunk Toon Boy x 2.
Steampunk Military Dress Uniform cut-out. Stool.
Ornate Desk.
Working Desk with Gramophone.
British Mailbox (Pillarbox).
Club Chair x 2.
Glass Roof.
Sinister Medicine Cabinet.
Sinister Glowing Table.
Victorian Comfy Armchair.
Victorian Feeding Chair.
Iron Railings. Old Telephone.
Steampunk Steam-o-Tron Rifle.
Tentacle Clock.
Lab Bench with Transparent Glassware.
Wierd Pump Machine.
Steampunk Decoder Ring.
Encoder Device.
Steam Lazer Zapper.
Scientific Instrument.
Steampunk Telephone.
Steampunk Computer.
Steampunk Radio.
Steampunk Coffee Machine. Leather Top Hat.
Explorer (Jungle) Hat.
Leather Waistcoat.
Steampunk Helmet x 3.
Steampunk Girl's Eyepatch.
Diver's Helmet.
Earrings x 2.
Scary Steampunk Mask x 4.
Steampunk Ballroom Mask x 2.
Steampunk Cane x 2.
Leather Top Hat in Chains x 4.
Dress x 3.
Infant's Dress. Steam Home scene.
Victorian Tea Room scene.
Steam City scene.
7 x Papers at 3600px. Bonus vintage ephemera elements.
You may enjoy using this kit with the other kits in this series: Steampunk: the London Adventure; Steampunk 2; Steampunk 3; and Air Pirates.
As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then for individuals, charities, and sole traders only. My full terms of use are available here.