Full Digital Kits Steampunk 2 : flying higher

Steampunk 2 : flying higher

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"Steampunk 2: flying higher" - this is the sequel to my popular "Steampunk" scrap kit.

60 new elements. All at 300DPI PNG. All are different from those in the first "Steampunk" kit.


Baker Street -style leather bag.
"325 Baker Steet" sign.
Ladies' ornate flintlock pistol x 2.
Detective's magnifying glass (semi-transparent) x 2.
Smoking pipe (long).
Smoking pipe (short).
Skeleton key.

Home-made patched airship balloon (add your own ropes and basket).
Pirate's air balloon x 2.
Steam hornet flying machine.
Steampunk dragonfly flying machine.
Steampunk hornet flying machine x 2.
Steampunk mayfly flying machine x 2.
Steam Elevator and tether.
Ticket for the Steam Elevator.

Fake beard (classic 19th century style, very detailed)
Top hats x 4 (all different).
Worker's wool cap and goggles.
Girl pilot's cap and goggles x 2.
Steam tech mind-reading helmet x 2.
19th Century London policeman's helmet.

Door lantern (classic, semi-transparent glass).
Door lantern (grunge, semi-transparent glass).
Steampunk rider vehicle x 2.
Old Street base x 3 (3600px).
Victorian shopfronts in Christmas snow (night).
Victorian shopfronts in Christmas snow (dawn).
Streetlamps x 3 (all with semi-transparent glass).
Street grating with tentacles emerging x 2.
Classic white picket fence.

Aether collector backpack.
Millions metal dial.
Electrosteamer tower.
Aether flasks holder (semi-transparent glass).
Aether flasks holder (semi-transparent glass, glowing).
Generic steam pipe to add to anything.
Study globe of the Moon.
Steampunk robot (looking puzzled).
Steampunk robot (examining object).
Vintage brass nameplate.
Vintage pack of cigarettes.
Ornate carved steam dial.
Steampunk "wire" moon.
Steamopolis admission ticket.
Boar's head wall trophy.
Steampunk-style diving bell.

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then for individuals, charities, and sole traders only. My full terms of use are available here.

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