Full Digital Kits Space Art - the science fiction art kit

Space Art - the science fiction art kit

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Visit the stars and seek out new worlds, with this big galaxy-sized kit!  Suitable for astronauts of any age!

100 elements + papers. 300DPI.


* Human spaceships:

Cargo x 3.
Colony Craft x 3.
Cruiser x 1.
Escort craft x 3.
Flagship x 2.
Ice Hauler.
Orbiting Research Station.
Orbiting Defence Platform.
Passenger Shuttle x 3.
Personal Craft.
Space Rocketeer Woman x 2.
Space Survey Shuttle.
Smuggler's Stealth Craft.
Crew Transporter x 3.
Classic 1960s Flying Space Car.
Warp Gate.

* Alien spaceships:

Alien Deep Space Beacon x 2.
Alien Octocraft x 2.
Ancient Alien Gunship x 2.
Organic Alien Ship x 3.
Alien in spacesuit.

* Asteroids:

Asteroids x 3.
Asteroid Tunnel Worm x 2.
Asteroid rim with craters x 4.
Asteroid rim with artifacts.

* Special effects (with semi-transparency):

Interstellar dust x 2.
Galaxy swirls x 3.
Interstellar cosmic gas.
Milky Way.
Dark Matter.
Neutron Star.
Aurora borealis x 2.
Lazer blast (red)
Rocket exhaust glow.
Rocket exhaust trail (close).
Rockets exhaust trails (distant).
Warp drive exit.
Warp drive jump.
Warp gate texture.

* Ground bases:

Ground bases x 5.
Solar Flower Power Collector.
Transmitter Dish installation.

* Surface landing craft:

1950s-style Lander.
Futuristic Exploration Group Lander x 2.
Planet-Seeder Rover.

* Planets and moons:

Planets x 9 (four earth-like).
Overlay for a gas giant planet.
Overlay for a ringed planet.
Atmosphere overlay.
Earth/Moon System.

* Spaceship sections:

Launch Bay Interiors x 2.
Command Deck x 2.
Hull Exterior x 3.
Loading Tower Exterior.

+ 3600px Papers x 8 (four starfields as JPG, four as PNG)

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As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only — but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.