Full Digital Kits Ocean! The Underwater Sea Adventure

Ocean! The Underwater Sea Adventure

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What do the depths conceal? Atlantis? Mermaids? Monsters? Treasure? Dive in, and discover!

115 elements, 18 papers!

All at 300DPI PNG (except for one overlay JPG)


Sea Dragon: Baby Sea-Dragonette x 5
Sea Dragon: Momma Sea Dragon x 2

Mermaid Tails (all different) x 3

Diver: Inflatable Boat (seen from below)
Diver: Escaping Air Bubble Cloud (with semi-transparency)
Diver: Deep Dive Chamber
Diver: Empty Flippers / Belt / Mask
Diver: Complete Scuba Diver (for dark water)
Diver: Complete Scuba Diver (floating, wary)
Diver: Mask
Diver: Pink Flippers
Diver: Scuba Pod
Diver: Scuba Scooter
Diver: Hook and rope

Fish: Whales x 2
Fish: Shark x 4
Fish: Hammerhead Shark
Fish: Dolphin
Fish: Ray
Fish: Octopus x 2
Fish: Marlin x 2
Fish: Various x 12
Fish: Spiky Crab
Fish: Dudong
Fish: Giant Octopus

Jellifish: Various (all different, with semi-transparency) x 8

Monsters: Creature from the Deep x 3
Monsters: Creature from the Deep (face only)
Monsters: Ancient Tentacle Mask
Monsters: A New Species from the Deep

FX and overlays: Sea Broil (with semi-transparency)
FX and overlays: Undersea Light FX (use with Screen mode overlay on your final layout)
FX and overlays: Sun on surface (use with Screen mode overlay)

Plants: Anemones x 2
Plants: Sea Flower x 1
Plants: Sea Kelp
Plants: Water Edge Plants
Plants: Frond Weeds
Plants: Sea Marras Grass
Plants: Small Pink Coral
Plants: Wild Weed Tangle
Plants: Seaweed

Seafloor: Atlantis Relic
Seafloor: Small Rock
Seafloor: Large Flat Rock
Seafloor: Scatter of pebbles
Seafloor: Strange Rock Formations
Seafloor: Large Shell Home
Seafloor: Shell Open (Azure)
Seafloor: Shell Open (Powder Blue)
Seafloor: Starfish x 2
Seafloor: Ancient Classical-Era Column
Seafloor: Modern Anchor
Seafloor: Vintage Anchor
Seafloor: Old Boat Pole
Seafloor: Old Boat Hook
Seafloor: Heavy Anchor Chain segment
Seafloor: Boat Speed Regulator
Seafloor: Algae-attacked Rowboat on side
Seafloor: Chasm @ 3600px
Seafloor: Pirate Cannon
Seafloor: Sextant
Seafloor: Nautical Wheel
Seafloor: Telescope
Seafloor: Block and Tackle
Seafloor: Vintage Diver Helmet (with cutout face-plate)
Seafloor: Old Ship's Telegraph

Distant View: Classic Aquarium-style Castle
Distant View: Four Fish
Distant View: Nautilus style Submarine
Distant View: Whale
Distant View: Merchant Shipping Wreck

Steampunk-style Diver: Diver x 4
Steampunk-style Diver: Primitive Submarine
Steampunk-style Diver: Whale-Calling Underwater Horn

Sea Surface: Inflatable Boat
Sea Surface: Giant Fish Tail
Sea Surface: Sextant Navigation Instrument
Sea Surface: Vintage Telescope

Papers: Sea Surface
Papers: Under the Sea (Shallow) x 8
Papers: In the Deeps (generic) x 4
Papers: In the Deeps (Davy Jones's Locker)
Papers: In the Deeps (Ruins of Atlantis)
Papers: In the Deeps (Volcanic Vents)

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.