Full Digital Kits Nevermore: the gothic comic-strip kit!

Nevermore: the gothic comic-strip kit!

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Sold By: Mr. Whiskers
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Create your own stylish gothic comic-strip with this complete kit from Mister Whiskers! Featuring Annabel, a dead girl who lives in an old house with her pet raven called Griswold. Get 300 elements and backgrounds! Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and Tim Burton.
CONTENTS: PNG comic-strip frames with transparent panels x 10. Photoshop versions of the comic strip frames with layers/editable text x 10. Comic strip FX and FX props x 19. Comic strip speech and balloons and boxes x 31. Folder of Web links to the free fonts required. Sample funny comic-strip scripts for Annabel and Griswold. Annabel x 33 different poses and expressions.
Annabel with raven on desk x 4.
Annabel's cute Monstrous High School badges x 5.
Annabel's ideal "grown up self". Raven (Griswold) x 20 different poses and expressions.
Raven's ideal "ninja raven" self x 6. Character guide sheet for Annabel and Griswold. Little Grim Reaper character x 6.
Little Frankie character x 4.
Ghost character x 2.
Tiny Steampunk Toon Robot character.
Fearsome Sleeping Grimalkin Cat, in Basket.
Spooky Hand With Eye.
Sleepy Pumpkin x 2.
Little Egyptian Mummy x 6.
Mould Spore with Eye x 2.
Annabel's Uncle, Edgar Allan Poe (stuffed).
Annabel's Mother From Hell x 3. Items of house clutter x 34 (poison apple, nightcap, birdbath, etc). Items of house furniture x 52 (piano, sofa, chairs, desk, etc). 2400px 300DPI JPG backplates (downstairs in house) x 10. 2400px 300DPI JPG backplates (upstairs in house) x 12. House interiors and exterior PNGS with cutouts x 10. Windows and views x 10.
Window cutouts x 3.
Stylised Burtonesque trees x 2.
Living Halloween-style tree x 2.
One-eye toon bat x 4.
Rickety fence.
Silhouette flock of real ravens.
As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here. I am willing to sell a limited number of digital/online licences to those wishing to make commercial webcomics with this kit - at $90 each. Please contact via Deviant Scrap.