Full Digital Kits Mister Whiskers's Origami and Papercraft

Mister Whiskers's Origami and Papercraft

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Mister Whiskers's Origami and Papercraft scrap kit.

116 elements in .PNG, and seven large papers in .JPG. All at 300dpi.


3 x Red dragon.
Rearing horse.
2 x Exotic fish.
3 x Stag.
2 x Bunny Rabbit.

2 x Fox mask.
Begging seal.
2 x Dog.
3 x Armadillo.

3 x Crane bird.
2 x Crane bird string.
Paper bag owl.
Folded owl.
2 x Stylised swan.
2 x Geese in heavy card.
Peacock (blank tail - add your own pattern).
5 x Cute birdy.

Parcel pet: cat.
Parcel pet: blackbird.
Parcel pet: parrot.
Parcel pet: stegosaurus.
Parcel pet: Nessie (Loch Ness Monster).
Parcel pet: 2 x cormorant bird.
Parcel pet: goat.
Parcel pet: tapir.
Parcel pet: cod.
Parcel pet: elephant.
Parcel pet: 2 x turtle.
Parcel pet: rabbit.

(You can add your own postage stamps, addresses, etc to the Parcel Pets!)

Open envelope.
Upmarket brown card bag.
Safety scissors.
Waste paper bin.
2 x Shadow box.

Newspaper kite.
Pink star.
Multicolor star. 2 x Plain star.
Red paper windmill on stick.
Cardboard hat.
2 x Red heart (bright).
2 x Red heart (matt).
3 x Paper aeroplanes.
3 x Plain paper boat.
Parcel paper boat.

5 x Butterflies.
Butterfly mobile.

2 x Ketagami cat card.
3 x forest trees (colored).
2 x forest trees (plain).
Pine forest (colored).
Pine forest (plain).
Child's paper forest.
3 x Flower (daffodil type).
4 x Background tree.

Cute 'origami planet' paper.
Banded 'sea' paper.
Notebook paper.
4 x card/paper intersection stages in "mega-paper" format (7200px x 3600px)

You may also enjoy using Origami and Papercraft with some of my other scrap kits, such as 50 Masks and Birdcages.

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.