Full Digital Kits Mister Whiskers - Quirky

Mister Whiskers - Quirky

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"Quirky" from Mister Whiskers — unleash the strangeness!

The quirkiest and craziest kit yet, from Mister Whiskers. Go barking mad with a rocket-powered flying dog kennel! Take off with brain-bending UFOs. Unleash the robot sharks, and more!


52 elements in PNG. Plus paper-sized elements, and two papers in JPG.

Flying Dog Kennel (rocket powered) x 2.
Propeller Beanie Hat.
Ball-flinger Machine and Spare Ball.
Staring Eye.
Jack-in-the Box.
Metal Seahorse (add your own flying wings).
Unicycle x 2.
Three-way Insanely Difficult Chessboard.
Bucking Mechanical Bull.
Curious old Skull of Consultation.
Metal Cat on Wheels.
Large Pink Fabric Walrus.
Time-twisting Washing Machine.
TicTac Machine.
Spider-legs Couch x 2.
Clock of Craziness x 2.
Space Hopper.
Pink Pig Money-jar.
Robot Lamp.
Yellow Bath Duck.
Cabinet of Dreams.
Crazy Chair x 2.
Tricycle of Trouble x 2.
Garden Gnome Carrying a Pear.
Time Machine x 2.
Robot Shark x 3.
UFO x 2.
UFO as air-car.
Explorer Sub.
Clock tree.
Vintage Pith Helmet for Exploring.
Metal Hand-hook.
Quirky Cruiser Motorcycle.
Odd Helmet x 2.
Giant Pop Gun x 2.

Padded Cell papers x 2. Padded Cell - paper-size element. Crazy Corridors - paper-size element.

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As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only — and then only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.