Full Digital Kits Lordlings and Halflings

Lordlings and Halflings

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The path goes ever on... into the rich world of high fantasy! Perfect for little wizards, lords, elves, dwarves, halflings, dragon-fighters, and more.

This full kit contains 189 elements and 15 papers, all 300DPI PNG.


Lordly hall x 4.
Old tower.
Blue banner.
Copper banner.
Ornate door.
Evil throne with backdrop.
Strong door.
Ornate column base.
Elven padoda x 2
Elven tower tops x 2
Evil marker.
Evil bowl column.
Garden pedestal.
Wall entranceway x 2.
Halfling door.
Halfling door view.
Halfling door opening.
Healing building.
Hilltop grave structure.
Ornate city lamps x 2.
Hanging lamp.
Magical door FX with transparency x 2
Marble bench.
Long mead hall.
River jetty.
Dolmen entrance.
Stormtop ruins.
Square tower.
Bream village scene.

Wizard astrolabe.
Wizard candles.
Wizard crystal ball.
Wizard magic mirror.
Wizard cart.
Wizard orb x 2.
Wizard pipes x 4.
Wizard staff top.
Wizard wand.
Wizard staff.
Wizard hat x 2.
Wizard book.

Quiver of arrows.
Axe x 2.
Bow and arrow.
Sword x 9.
Flaming torch with flame semi-transparency.
Torch base.
Magic hands FX with semi-transparency x 2.
Magic FX with semi-transparency x 3.
Human sheild x 3.
Urk shield x 2.
Spears x 2.

Landscape elements x 6.
Raven semi-silhouette.
Blasted tree.
Standing stones x 4.
Roadside sign.
Misty Mountains.
Little bridge x 2.
Swamp bridge.
Volcano x 2.
Mushrooms x 2.
Mushroom patch.
Forest shrine.

Bed x 2.
Barrels x 2.
Bar background.
Elven viola.
Elven viola bow.
Elven rope.
Evil throne x 2.
Halfling chair.
Wall hanging.
Ornate key.
Oil lamp.
Old sack.
Mysterious tile.
Tankards x 3.
Triple chair.
Chair x 2.
Evil throne with skulls.

Helmets x 9.
Wizard hat x 2
Ladies cowl.
Urk helmets x 2.

Elven boats x 7.

Fancy boots.
Chainmail top x 2.
Cloak x 2.
Dress x 2.
Wood elf dress.
Halfling pants
Fancy halfling pants.
Leather waistcoat.
Leather backpack.
6 cutout figures.
Elven jewellery x 2.

Huge spider x 3.
Dragon x 2.
Fighting man x 3.
Wild man x 2.
Talking tree x 4.
Evil eye.

15 papers.

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.