Life on Mars!

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Life on Mars! - a full scrap kit from Mister Whiskers. What will your curiosity discover on the red planet Mars? Contents: 105 elements + 14 papers. Young astronaut x 24. Jet Scooter x 3.
Air Manufacturing Plant.
Geodesic Dome x 2.
Jet Addons.
Human Space Helmet.
Hydroponics Farm.
Mars Lander x 2.
Mars Lander Capsule x 2.
WSKA (Whiskers) logo.
Ray Gun Stunner.
Foot of Rocket.
Ladder for Rocket.
Warpgate x 2.
Mars Storm Shelter. Martian ground elements x 6.
Strange Martian Stone Tower.
Martian - "Xmas Pudding" x 2.
Martian - "jellyfish" x 4.
Martian - "Eye" x 3.
Martian - "Floater" x 2.
Martian - "Cute" x 4.
Martian - "Tiny" x 4.
Martian - "Tentacle" x 2.
Martian flower - petals.
Martian flower - teeth. Martian Sandstorm overlay.
Mars from orbit paper.
Mars papers x 13. Mars Rover - "Doctorbot" x 4.
Mars Rover - toon x 7.
Mars Rover - real x 5.
Mars Rover - Gobot x 2. Mars Rover Tracks overlays x 5.
Astronaut footprint overlays x 2. UFOs x 5.
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As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.