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Home Repair and DIY

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Home Repair : pots of paint, wobbly ladders and dangerous tools... what could possibly go wrong?! Contents: 63 elements in PNG. 6 x 3600px papers in uncompressed JPG saved at 100%. Red monkey wrench.
Small sledgehammer.
Classic steel claw-hammer x 2.
Wooden box for tools.
Yellow builder's hat x 3.
Screwdrivers x 2.
Spanners x 2.
Electric torch x 2 types.
Classic oil-can (new and vintage versions).
Robotic 'helping hand'.
Classic short spanner.
Wood saw.
Spirit level.
Blow torch (add your own flame).
Wood shavings.
Cranked hand-drill for wood.
Wallpaper scraper x 2.
Vaccum cleaner. Paint rollers x 3.
White paint bucket x 2.
Classic paint brush x 4.
Classic paint brush (add your own bristles).
Paint tray and pot.
Paint tray and roller.
Paint bucket cart.
Roll of wallpaper x 2.
Flappy wallpaper "going up". Step laddders x 3.
Old unsafe ladders.
Cat ladder (for cats to watch the decorating).
Vintage wallpaper table x 2.
Small foot ladder. First aid pack.
First aid box x 2.
Wet floor sign x 2.
"Men at work" sign x 2.
Paint spill x 2. 6 x 3600px papers.
You may also enjoy using this kit with my other kits: Glass; and Curious Greenhouse. As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.