Forrest Stump

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Frequently Bought Together
"If you go down to the woods today..." you'll find 89 elements, and 10 papers! * ANIMALS: Grey goose.
Snail x 2.
Steam-powered snail.
Grey squirrel x 2.
Red squirrel x 1.
Young fox. * CHARACTERS: Gnome x 4.
Stomper the Giant x 2. * FAERY: Garment laces.
Garment laces tied.
Butterfly wings.
Horn of Plenty x 2.
Leaf sled x 3.
Oak leaf mask x 3. * NATURALS: Mushroom.
Bracket fungi x 2.
Faery seat (puffball funghi) x 1.
Grass faded (3600px).
Grass verdant (3600px).
Little berry.
Oak tree x 2.
Group of fungi.
Group of fairy-cap fungi.
Beech tree.
Verdant forest foliage (3600px).
Forest weeds. * OLD 'FORREST STUMPY': Old Forrest Stumpy (different facial expressions) x 7. * OTHER STUMPS: Generic thin tree trunk.
Gnarly roots x 2.
Tree face stumps x 3. * PAPERS: Papers (non-tiling) x 6.
Papers (tiling) x 4. * STRUCTURES: Ancient forest tower.
Bird house (distant).
Bird house (house).
Old wooden bridge.
Mysterious old steps.
Forest path (mossy stone flagstones) x 2.
Rustic fence.
Rustic gate.
Wooden sign: "hedgehogs crossing".
Wooden sign: "Inspiration Stump".
Little forest shelter.
Fragile stone heart with ivy x 2.
Stone owl.
Strange forest tower.
Woodman's ancient hut.
Strange circular door woven from branches. * TOOLS: Axe x 3.
Butterfly net x 2.
Woodman's lunch bag and carry-pole.
Long metal wood saw x 2. Note that I also have an add-on mini-kit of woodland cartoon animals, available on Deviant Scrap. As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.