Full Digital Kits Dinosaur Safari by Mr. Whiskers

Dinosaur Safari by Mr. Whiskers

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Combining dinosaurs with rocket-ships and whimsical steampunk elements, this storybook scrap kit is sure to appeal to all young adventurers! Story included - your child gets a special ticket to fly to the moon and feed the dinosaurs who live there!

Brachiosaur x 4
Cyrolophosaurus x 3
Gigantoraptor x 3
Kentosaurus x 3
Pterandon x 6
Suchomimus x 2
Zuniceratops x 3
Platypus x 1

Old-style tripod camera x 3
British-flag comfy chair x 1
Steampunk-style dinosaur detector x 3
Explorer waistcoat x 3
Dinosaur "freeze ray" safety device x 4
Opera viewing glasses x 2
Moon full x 1
Steampunk smoke effect x 1
Strawberries for feeding dinosaurs x 2
Dinosaur comic-style sound FX x 1
Trip Ticket x 1
Dinosaur viewing telescope on stand x 5

Moon mushrooms x 3
Moon plants x 2
Moon signpost x 2
Moon man x 2
Moon monster toon-style x 1

Steampunk rusty space rocket x 2
Steampunk 'steam walker' x 2
Toon-style retro rocket-ship with cut-out porthole x 1
Steam turtle caravan x 2

Palm tree x 2

Robot Bird companion x 4

Main book-page papers x 15

Bonus papers x 3

+ Book layout with 'starter' story, in a template suitable for a 9" x 7" 32-page book printed via Blurb (MS Word format) x 1

+ Demo of the basic 'starter' book with sample layout pictures (PDF format) x 1

+ Educational fact and activity sheet for the dinosaurs (PDF format) x 1

Elements are PNG @ 300 DPI. Papers are 3450px x 2550px (11" x 8.5") PNG @ 300 DPI

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.