Full Digital Kits Curious Greenhouse : a garden adventure!

Curious Greenhouse : a garden adventure!

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What will you grow, in the curious greenhouse?


150 elements. 10 papers. All at 300DPI.

Greenhouse interiors, as 3600px elements x 10.

Toon gardener girl x 2.
Shiny blue bug (plain).
Shiny blue bug (with tiny gas-mask).
Green toon bug with gas-mask.
Three-headed carnivourous toon plant.
Earwig standing.
Green fly with gas-mask (defiant).
Green fly with gas-mask (triumphant).
Ladybug (ladybird).
Mandrake man x 3.
Green monster plant.
Old Roothead x 3.
Pot with grumpy face.
Toon fly agaric toadstool x 3.
Toon dumpy mushroom x 3.
Toon earthworm x 7.

Trays and earth boxes x 7.
Garden basket.
Wooden cage for monster plants.

Exotic, alien and "monster" plants x 25.

General greenhouse plants and flowers x 12.
Classical column with ivy.
Mushroom group.
Flower stalk.
Seed or bean.

Various plant pots x 20.

Butterfly feeding station x 2.
Wheelbarrow x 2.
Bug spray x 2.
Tropical chair x 2.
Tropical table.
Trestle table.
Hand Digger.
Hand Fork x 2.
Flame thrower (for monster plant control!).
Garden hose.
Greenhouse key.
Rake x 2.
Spade x 2.
Water pitcher.
Watering can x 4.

Background elements, "beyond the greenhouse" x 7.

Window glass - dirty patina element, PNG 3600px.

Window glass - dirty or condensation, JPG 3600px x 6.

Papers @ 3600px x 4 (2 as JPGs).

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.

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