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Your fun vintage chalkboard kit! Perfect for school reunion invitations, school magazine pages, graduation cards, event notices, kids' poetry postcards, and more! All at 300DPI PNG. (Note that three kit preview images are blue, for clarity only - the actual elements are normal "white chalk".)CONTENTS: 37 elements, 6 papers. * PAPERS: 6 papers - five different boards at 3000px x 2000px, and one board/chalk-shelf/wall at 3600px x 3600px. Very realistic board surfaces - they still have faint traces of earlier chalkings. * ELEMENTS: Board eraser x 2.
Chalk stub.
Portable flip board with shadow.
Generic box of 12 white chalks.
* CHALK ART: Robot teacher.
A comic-strip style speech balloon.
A comic-strip style thought balloon.
A faint chalked grid.
The Four Seasons (as four trees).
Pencil and Sword, crossed.
A standard school back-pack bag, in chalk outline.
A drawn flower in chalk.
A girl student asking a question, in chalk outline.
A small chalked heart (pink centre).
Chalk bookworm.
"Cats are not bagpipes" message.
Mini dinosaur.
Heart with arrow.
* ARROWS: Various arrows and lines. * CHALK WORDS: Complete A-Z alphabets x 4.
Numbers and symbols.
"Class dismissed!" scrawl.
"Free-range Kids".
"How To Be A Girl Genius 101".
"I Am Board".
"Playtime Forever".
"The Cat Sat On the Mat" complete rhyme. As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then for individuals, charities, and sole traders only. My full terms of use are available here.