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Frequently Bought Together
12 birdcages and 12 birds, with unique "put the bird inside" feature! * Birds x 12: Various parrots
Owl x 1
Raven x 1
Finches x 3
* Bird cages - vintage: Vintage bird cages x 9 (fronts and backs) * Bird cages - unusual: Oriental cages x 2 (fronts and backs)
Moorish cage x 1 (front, open)
African woven hemp cage x 1 (front and back)
Scientific capture cage x 1 (front and back) * Bonus elements: Bird loft with cut-out window @ 3600px
Butterfly cluster element (flying)
Garden trellis and ivy with cut-out @ 3600px
Moorish birdcage stand
Background hanging birdcage (empty)
Artists' boudoir shelf/window with cut-out @ 3600px * Papers x 4 @ 3600px All elements and papers at 300DPI PNG. Plus my visual tutorial on how to "place the bird inside". As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.