Full Digital Kits Archery: bows and arrows

Archery: bows and arrows

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Hit the target with Mr. Whiskers's big archery kit! Contents: 90 elements. All PNGs at 300dpi. Cupid's bow of love (different angles) x 4.
Cupid's arrow of love.
Cupid's arrowhead x 2.
Cupid's crossbow. Arrowhead (flint).
Arrowhead (broad steel).
Arrows (different) x 11.
Arrow target clusters x 3 Target (fairground) x 2.
Target field array.
Heart targets x 2.
Standing heart target.
Traditional straw target x 2.
Modern metal target x 23.
Modern target on wood stand x 2.
Medieval-style wheeled target board x 2.
Apple (to shoot off a head). Toy bow and "sucker-style" arrow x 4. Arrow quivers x 10. Traditional archer's hat x 4.
Leather gauntlets x 2.
Medieval style hood (side). Olympic-style modern bow.
Fantasy bow with leaves x 4.
Fantasy bow without leaves x 4.
"Devil" bows x 2.
Primitive / faery bows x 4.
Elven bow x 3.
Dragon-hunter bow x 2.
Woodlander bow x 4.
Ancient Greek style bow x 3.
American Indian bow with feathers x 4.
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