Full Digital Kits Air Pirates: a sky-high steampunk adventure!

Air Pirates: a sky-high steampunk adventure!

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Track the air pirates through the skies, among the floating islands...

A kit to treasure - with 100 elements and 5 papers. All PNG files, all at 300dpi.


* Clothes and accessories:

Pirate belt.
Pirate boots.
Air pirate steampunk costume.
Classic pirate costume.
Pirate Queen fox-tail stole.
Pirate hair (punky orange).
Pirate hair (steampunk Leah).
Pirate headscarf and top hat.
Classic pirate leather hat and monocle.
Steampunk bowler hat (brown felt).
Steampunk bowler hat (shiny black).
Classic pirate tricorn hat and red bandana.
Basic pirate tricorn x 2.
Steampunk metal hat and brass monocle.
Pirate 'mop' hair.
Elegant air pirate antenna.
Pirate "hook hand".
Imperial agent hat x 2.
Steampunk pirate "peg leg".
Swords x 3.

* Creatures:

Baby air-kraken.
Flying grey goose x 3.
Flying jabberwock x 2.
Flying panda x 2.
Classic pirate parrot.
Skeptical skull.

* Flying machines:

Aethercopter x 4.
Air Pirate dirigible x 2.
Basket for a hot air balloon.
Bird boat x 5.
Air castle (night).
Air castle (day).
Hover tower.
Zeppelin with sails.
Classic pirate ship (day).
Classic pirate ship (night).
Flying bath x 2.

* Structures and parts for flying islands:

Geared tower x 2.
Wooden lookout tower.
Floating lighthouse.
Rock stairs.
Wooden launch jetty x 2.
Giant telescope x 2.
Trees x 2.

* Floating islands:

Flying city (Laputa).
Floating islands x 6.
Rocky outcrop.
Floating rock field.

* Pirate ship clutter:

Pirate chests x 3.
Gold coin pile.
Vintage compass.
Confabulator device.
Roasting spit.
Grappling hook.
Grog bottle.
Grog pot.
Towing hook.
Grappling hook on rope.
17th century lantern.
Expensive lantern.
Navigation instrument.
Stretched rope.
Rum bottle.
Skull with candle.
Speed control dial.
Steam gubbins.
Barrel seats and chairs.
Vintage brass telescope.
Pile of cannonballs.

* Papers @ 3600px x 6

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.

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