African Mix

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Step off the path, and into the exotic jungle with this huge kit! 122 PNG Elements + 8 Papers. All at 300 DPI. African fashion hats x 7
African fashion skirts x 7
African fashion dress x 1
Traditional bead hat x 1
Tradition bead necklace x 1
Long shield x 1
Circular sheild x 1
Spear top x 1
Drums x 14 elements (10 unique types) Forest bridge
Ancient ruin column
Ferns x 3
Forest gate
Post wall
Grey parrot
Grassy foreground
Grassy stalks area
Man-eating plant
Monkey x 2
Rocky outcrop
Palm Tree
Blue poison-dart frog
Succulent plant
Thorny vine
Tree house
Ground herb
Stone idol head x 2
Dancing toon lizard
Dug-out canoe x 3
Umbrella trees x 3
Forest sign x 1
Forest flowers x 2
Classic-style safari hat Safari backpack x 2
Saddle bags
Water bottle Parrots from vintage prints x 6
Toucans from vintage prints x 2
Snake from vintage print x 1
Tint frog from vintage print x 1
Terrapin from vintage print x 1
Zebra from vintage print x 1
Armadillo from vintage print x 1
Old book jackets x 3
Old book map x 1
Blank vintage postal envelope from Africa x 1 Yard egg carrier
Yard pots x 5
Yard crates
Yard oil can
Yard chicken
Yard coconut
Yard fruits
Yard grass
Yard grinder
Yard kettle
Yard telegraph pole
Yard bare lightbulb
Yard rakes x 2
Yard spade x 1
Yard football
Yard swing
Yard storage
Yard tyre wall
Yard flowers
Yard tree Shanty homes X 3
Hut homes x 2 7 papers @ 3600px PNG (10% of the profits on this scrap kit will be donated annually to Tree Aid, for village-based African tree-planting projects). As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here. Update: March 2012 - an add-on mini kit is now also available - "African Mix 2: Toon Animal Safari"!