Collect Your Own Collab Kits Vagabond Adventures Entire Kit

Vagabond Adventures Entire Kit

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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. 

~St. Augustine 

This set contains 77 wonderful elements. Some animals, different means of transport, furniture, road signs, tickets, suitcases, doors, windows, postcards,shoes and other stuff. This set contains 11 wonderful characters. Vagabonds, tramps, travellers, moochers and some kids. ATC pages are included.This set contains famous world building like Chinese Wall, Egyptian pyramid, sphinx, Colosseum and some other famous wonders. Photograph ed by me and extracted to high quality PNG files with transparency. This set contains 10 scene papers with exclusive places. Mostly photos from my own collection. Some views from Asia and some from tropical island but also desert and Mexican road.This set contains 9 patterned papers. Decorated with different travel motives , transportation forms, post stamps brushes and maps. This set contains 9 scene papers with everyday places like streets, old houses, dark alleys and wood paths. 100% my own photos. Usually from Poland and Germany. Two old and ruined houses do not exist already but I have lucky to photograph them before they were gone forever. Some papers were inspired by Charlie Chaplin movies. You can also buy all parts separately if you prefer. See related products under the description.

This pack contains: elements, all papers packs, famous building and characters. You can save 40% buying the entire kit.

This product is for PU and S4H use ok.

*Some artworks can contains elements from other collections.