Vagabond Adventures

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Mister Whiskers's Vagabond Adventures digital scrap kit. Part of the Vagabond Adventures "Collect Your Own Collab." on Mischief Circus.CONTENTS: 60 PNG elements, at 300dpi. 5 JPG papers at 3600px. Shabby yard elements at 3600px x 2.
Oak tree to sleep under.
Grassy overgrown patch for base of tree.
Tornadoes x 2 (blend with opacity) Upmarket woodland sleep pod.
Large fabric tent.
Camping neckerchief.
Camping roasting spit.
Large tent for sand dunes.
Old style water pump.
Water pouch.
Camping chair.
Modern rusksacks x 3.
Stylish modern rucksack.

Mysterious old wood cabin.
Vagabond hair / sash-cap x 2.
Shiny boots and red laces.
Old style vintage camera.
Old style carpet bag.
Curious walking stick.
Side pouches.
Carry bag and stick.
Highwayman outfit.
Highwayman hat.
Owl Girl superhero goggles.
Wise hare.
Fake beard.
Boards for boarded-up window.
Bait and hook. Tied pile of travel boxes.
Scoobee-style 1960s van (red) x 3.
Scoobee-style 1960s van (yellow) x 2.
1950s Ford travel van.
Worn and shabby travellers' caravan x 3.
Springtime green bicycle.
Old 1930s style red pick-up truck x 3.
Normal style motorcycle x 2.
Fancy red motorcyle x 2.
Skeleton motorcycle.
Land Rover, expedition equipped x 3.
Old 1950s style motor coach x 3.

You may enjoy using my Vagabond Adventures kit with my Forrest Stump, Air Pirates, and Steampunk kits. As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - and then only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.