Collect Your Own Collab Kits Mr. Whiskers' Fairy Tales

Mr. Whiskers' Fairy Tales

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A kit as big as a fairytale kingdom! Inspired by the old folk tales that were written down by the Brothers Grimm. This Mister Whiskers's Fairy Tales kit is part of the "Once Upon a Time..." collaborative at Deviant Scrap.
CONTENTS:124 elements + 6 papers + 11 wordart elements. All at 300dpi. Pumpkin Coach x 2.
Child Catcher's Wagon x 3. Magic Ingredients Jar (Troll Hair).
Magic Ingredients Jar (Faery Tears).
Magic Ingredients Jar (Star Dust).
Magic Ingredients Jar (Magic Spell).
Magic Ingredients Jar (Prying Eyes).
Magic Ingredients Jar (Dust of Pirates).
Magic Ingredients Jar (Goblin Eyes).
Magic Ingredients (Giant Killer Beer).
Magic Mirror x 4.
Scrying Crystal Ball x 2. Brothers Grimm Writing Room (3600px with window cutout).
Parchment Scroll.
Two quills in ink-pot.
Brothers Grimm wooden street sign.
Old battered book of Grimms Tales. Door to the Fairy Underhill x 2 (both 3600px with cutout door).
Fly Agaric Toadstool and forest floor (3600px with cutout).
Evil Looking Toadstools x 2.
Evil Tree (simple).
Evil Tree (complex with mask).
End of the path (3600px cutout with fog).
Swamp Cross.
Swamp Lamp.
Poisonous Swamp Flowers.
Flight of Crows (silhouette).
Ring of Toadstools (3600px cutout with fog).
Rickety Wooden Bridge x 2.
Mystical River Boat x 2. Troll Stump House x 2.
'Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe' House x 2.
Outhouse and Pots.
Elegant Gatehouse.
Castle in Distance x 2.
Castle Lookout detail x 2.
Organic Castle x 1.
Medieval River Bridge. Spinning Wheel.
Rough Sack.
Village Water Pump x 2.
Witch's Stove (iron range).
Witch's Fireplace (primitive brick).
Witch's Fireplace (early modern brick).
Log fire with Flames.
Cheerful Rustic Chair.
Gold Coin.
Classic Peasant Broom.
German-style Wooden Beer Pot.
Bed with patchwork blanket. Red Riding Hood Cloak (elegant x 2).
Red Riding Hood Cloak (frayed x 2).
Classic Imp's Green Felt Hat x 4.
Dick Whittington -style pole bag. White Mice (different) x 2.
Standing Black Bear.
Smart Mouse with waistcoat.
Angry Goose.
Curious Goat (mouth open) x 4.
British Fox.
Classic Shire Horse in Harness x 2.
Swooping Bright Green Dragon.
Two-Headed Dog. Witch x 7.
Gnome x 7.
Wood Troll x 3.
Living Rock.
Mysterious Giant Feet.
Human Prisoner. Royal Coach.
Royal Jester Stick x 4.
Royal Forest Hunt Crown.
Royal Throne x 3.
Royal Forest Throne x 3.
Royal Herald's Trumpet. 5 x Papers at 3600px. 11 x wordart elements.
You may also like to combine this kit with my Forrest Stump kit; my Archery kit; my Lordlings & Halflings kit; and my Special Effects kit. As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only - but only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.